Implementing a new ERP system is never easy but thorough advance planning, in conjunction with your selected vendor, will identify potential risks and help minimises any surprises which may derail the process.

The biggest threat to the successful implementation of an ERP system is the project manager’s nightmare – surprises.

  • Make sure you take into account staff holidays
  • Avoid financial year end – it is rarely a good time as everyone is busy
  • Review user training. Is everything covered? You should have a “super-user” for each key business area
  • If at all possible, run a pilot using the demo script with your own test data. The vendor should provide you with a test “sandbox” area with an empty database. This will allow you to simulate at least your key business processes and flush out any issues.

When you are happy with the team’s confidence then you can set out the implementation plan. Don’t be too ambitious with the timescale; it will take you longer than you might think.


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If you would like more information on Barry’s process for specifying and selecting an ERP system, please contact Barry. If you are interested in finding an ERP system for your business, you can find more information on what E-Max ERP offers by speaking to one of our team, contacting us or on our website here. Of course, if you’re ready for a demonstration of E-Max ERP in action, then you can arrange a demo at a time convenient to you.