RM Manufacturing, a leading sheet metal manufacturing and engineering company, recently made a significant investment in a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help optimise the delivery of services to their commercial clients across the UK.

The investment in the E-Max ERP software, which will be tailored to the North East based manufacturer and subcontractor’s needs, comes at a time when the company is focusing on growth.

E-Max ERP is a flexible application, designed by engineers and optimised for use in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

Speaking from the company’s Head Office in Newcastle upon Tyne, Ewelina Bicchiri, Commercial Manager of RM Manufacturing explained:

“We provide a full range of services and specialisms in the supply of sheet metal components to our customers, across several sectors. Our one-stop solution covers all aspects of the manufacturing process from design and planning, through to advanced assembly and installation.”

“It was therefore important that any manufacturing planning system we used helped us to efficiently plan and deliver the full extent of our fabrication and engineering capabilities. We believe we’ve found this with E-Max ERP – the application covers every aspect of the manufacturing process from initial enquiry to final invoice delivery.”

“We’ve been in talks with E-Max for some time now about how we could implement the system within RM Manufacturing to streamline and further improve our processes.”

“There seemed to be a natural fit between the two companies, and what appealed to us about working with this particular ERP application was that it was developed by engineers, for engineers. It was also important that we could work with the developers to tailor the software to our needs and manufacturing processes, rather than the other way round.”

RM Manufacturing operates under the Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions Group, and other companies across the group use E-Max ERP. Bicchiri explained that implementing the same resource planning software that the rest of the group uses has several advantages:

“The benefits, in terms of transparent communication and efficiencies of scale, are huge. Using real-time data and reporting, we will be able to gain insight into, not only what’s happening at each stage of a project at a company level, but also what’s happening across the whole group. This will allow us to more easily draw upon the vast skills, experience and shared resources available within it.”

Emilio Fazzi, Managing Director and co-founder of E-Max Systems, which has offices in Stockton-on-Tees and Glasgow, stated;

“We are delighted to welcome RM Manufacturing on board as a new customer. It’s fantastic to see that our reputation as a leading ERP software provider is enabling us to provide solutions for such prestigious clients as those within Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions.”

“We look forward to working in partnership with RM Manufacturing, to help them to streamline their processes and achieve increased efficiencies throughout their operations.”

RM Manufacturing has invested a significant amount of capital and resources in technology this year, including the recent launch of a new, mobile optimised corporate website, followed by the development and implementation of this enterprise level resource planning system.

Matt McCrae, Director of RM Manufacturing, explained why he felt the latter investment was necessary and the impact it is expected to have on both the manufacturer and its customers:

“As a subcontractor to some of the UK’s leading firms, it’s important to us that we operate at a high-efficiency level and can communicate with our customers transparently. We aim to harness powerful, modern technology to help us to achieve this.”

“For example, the application includes a quality management system, which will allow us to ensure that we continue to deliver the exceptionally high-quality service our customers have come to expect from us. The inventory control module should help us to get a clear picture of the materials available and reduce waste. While the system itself allows for advanced automation across several areas, including sales ordering and purchasing, and we will look to use this feature to improve response times.”

“The benefit of having all our data in one place means we can have a real-time, clear view of our performance across all levels of the business, from the shop floor to purchasing. We will use this data to help us to streamline and improve our processes to allow us to better serve our clients.”

“Overall, our aim in working with the E-Max software is to provide us with visibility and increased efficiencies across all areas of the business.”

Specialising in the subcontract manufacture of sheet metal components, RM Manufacturing delivers a range of services from design and manufacture through to in house powder coat painting, advanced assembly and on-site installation, for both regional and national clients.

You can find out more about RM Manufacturing via the company’s new website www.rm-manufacturing.com.

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