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E-Max Systems is a leading provider of business software solutions for small to medium sized companies. Throughout our 23 year history, we have provided successful solutions to hundreds of clients in manufacturing, engineering and associated industries.

Our powerful, flexible and affordable software is designed to enable our customers to deliver on time at minimal cost.

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From development to support

 E-Max Systems Ltd develops, delivers and supports our software solutions from our
office locations across the UK and Australia. Our team of experienced engineers,
client service managers and developers are focused on helping our customers achieve
competitive advantage through the power of our software and industry expertise.

Our journey

E-Max Systems is the brainchild of our founding directors, Emilio Fazzi and Charles Kerr. Way back in 1998, fed up with trying to bend the limited functionality of existing MRP software to fit their company needs, they realised that the only way forward was to develop their own software solution. And so E-Max Systems was born.

Using our engineering background

Supported by a team of engineers, using our own experiences and listening to what prospective clients really wanted from their MRP software, we began to develop software ‘for engineers by engineers’. This philosophy has been at the core of E-Max ever since and our customer feedback confirms that many an engineer and production manager has been appreciative of it.

From MRP to flexible ERP

Whilst the original E-Max software was focused specifically on manufacturing resource planning, over time we have developed it into a fully functional enquiry to invoice ERP system. But as we noted how each of our customers did things in a slightly different way to each other, we made the conscious decision to make our software flexible, so we could shape it to meet each customer’s requirements, not the other way around. Our customers are still able to take advantage of the best practice processes E-Max ERP facilitates but in a way that suits them.

Going international

Our steady growth from the original two men and their dog (ok, there was no dog) to a team of developers, client support and administrators has seen us move our head office into the Scottish Enterprise Technology Park. We’ve also opened satellite offices in Stockton-on-Tees and Cardiff and further afield in Australia, to provide support to our ever-growing customer base. Our customers are predominately in the UK and we are also now expanding into markets in Europe and Asia.

Forthcoming events

 Stop by at our stand – we’re always happy to have a chat, answer any questions and provide a practical demonstration of our software solutions. However, if you don’t want to wait until our next event, give us a call on 0808 109 2035 or drop us a message.

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Meet E-Max’s Directors

Emilio Fazzi
Emilio FazziChairman
Emilio Fazzi is a graduate mechanical engineer who has worked in design, engineering change control, tooling design and manufacturing, production control and production management.
After over ten years in engineering, he moved into IT, specifically focusing on software and networks where he gained invaluable experience in development of bespoke software for accounting and business systems. Through the experience of building up his own company and a range of management courses and study, Emilio has solid knowledge on how a successful organisation should be run.
Emilio’s greatest motivation is to make E-Max Systems’ software solutions as powerful and as flexible as possible so customers have the features they need and can harness the full benefits of computerisation while implementing the best management practices.
On the rare occasion Emilio removes his E-Max hat, he’s generally found painting amazing works of art or bashing a small ball around a squash court.
Charles Kerr
Charles KerrTechnical Director
Charles Kerr holds a BSc in Computer Science and held various hardware and software development roles within several engineering organisations until setting up E-Max with Emilio in 1998.
A software developer who has continually pushed the boundaries and adopted new technologies in their infancy, Charles is constantly striving to produce the most effective and stable manufacturing ERP software possible for E-Max’s customers. His in-depth understanding of manufacturing processes and the issues that manufacturing organisations face daily drives him to enhance and improve each generation of E-Max’s manufacturing ERP system.
Throughout E-Max’s development, Charles has insisted on providing the most practical and stable software solution to our customers. His vision to create a truly flexible product has meant many groans from the development team but has produced a unique system that gives our customers exactly what they need.
Those hours on the golf course “thinking” were most definitely beneficial all round!

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