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E-Max ERP is designed to suit your business

 We believe that our software should fit your business, not your business fit our software. Our manufacturing ERP system is flexible and designed to do what our customers, mainly engineering and manufacturing SMEs, actually need it to do.  Suitable for both basic and complex manufacturing requirements, E-Max ERP software takes you through every task from initial enquiry to invoice.

 No two companies have exactly the same requirements so we design, develop and support E-Max ERP in-house to provide our customers with a fast solution. No middlemen also means we can keep our ERP software affordable.

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Production Control

Effective planning and organising of resources is a key element in the
operation of your business.
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Shop Floor Data Collection

SFDC is designed to complement and enhance the data gathered.
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Purchasing is increasingly viewed as a core competency due to the impact it can have on the bottom line.
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CRM, Estimation & Quotations

You know that good customer relationship management is vital to
grow and develop your business.
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Scheduler & Planner

With multiple machines and jobs running simultaneously, it is increasingly difficult to know where & when you have capacity.
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Quality Control

Customers’ ever-increasing need for quality products means it is vital to have a robust quality management system in place.
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Warehouse Management

Every business with a requirement for stock control will undoubtedly benefit from a warehouse management system.
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Every organisation wants to access their financial position quickly. Do so by consolidating your financial information into E-Max ERP
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Sales Order Processing

Fast and accurate sales order processing is a necessity to keep the supply chain moving and ensure customer satisfaction.
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E-Max ERP Benefits

ERP benefits

Accurate real time information

ERP benefits

Better inventory & shop floor visibility

Benefits of ERP customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction

ERP benefits

Managed & controlled costs

ERP benefits

Reduced lead times & increased output

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So much info, so little knowledge…

Having all your company’s data in one place and obtaining meaningful information from
it is what we all aspire to when running a business. With today’s technology, it should be
easy yet so many businesses struggle to control their data. With countless spreadsheets,
systems and manual workarounds employed in many companies, we seem to be making
life harder for ourselves than we need to.

Nowadays companies collect huge volumes of information but do we always see the
results from this? Have there been improvements in efficiency? Are there still inaccuracies
and uncertainties in manufacturing times, delivery schedules and costs? Do you have
far too many spreadsheets that don’t give you any real answers?
There must be an easier way!

There is! It’s our manufacturing ERP system – E-Max ERP.

Who should use E-Max?

Get hints & tips on making your business more efficient

Here’s what our customers have to say

“The flexibility of E-Max has made it a perfect fit for our processes. Now we have data available when we need it which has enabled us to make process improvements.”

Adam Stockport, QA Weld Tech Ltd

“E-Max software enables all areas to be reported upon and clearly highlights the weak spots. In a time of ever reducing sales prices, we managed to produce the best productive and financial year for over 8 years in 1 of our companies and have now replaced all our other software at all 7 sites with E-Max.”

Nigel Bradley, John Bradley Group

“E-Max has, quite simply, transformed our company.”

Andrew Martin, Polycast Ltd

“E-Max acts as an enabler for our business, allowing us to control, manage and form decisions around all aspects of our business. In a highly competitive industry, E-Max ensures that we are working efficiently to maximise our performance for our customers.”

Kris Bainbridge, Responsive Engineering

“Centa Transmissions Ltd finds the E-Max system versatile, easy to manage, painless to install, and logical, to a point that minimal training is required to operate it. The support team at E-Max has been very responsive to suggestions and is continually improving the product. We are very satisfied.”

Andrew Dean, Centa Transmissions Ltd

“E-Max has made a tremendous difference to our business. We have managed to improve our service and reliability to our customers with the help of E-Max.”

Gordon Deuchars, GA Engineering Ltd

Our aim is to continue building upon our 20+ years’ experience of getting it right for our customers

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