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At E-Max, we know that it’s vital for our software to support the key aspects of your business. But we haven’t stopped the development of E-Max ERP there.

We’ve built in additional functionality to ensure that all your company’s requirements, including the ‘nice-to-haves’ are satisfied.


In today’s busy world, it’s vital to get the information you want as quickly and clearly as possible. The E-Max ERP dashboard facilitates this by pulling all the relevant raw information from multiple sources into one simple screen and consolidating it into interactive charts and tables.


This screen can be easily customised by each user to include the data most pertinent to them and enables the user to track the progress of jobs, keep an eye on costs, spot improvements or delays, and generally make better informed decisions.


Many of our customers use the E-Max dashboard in central locations in their company so all employees can see at any time how the company is performing against target.

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E-Max ERP provides powerful performance and efficiency reporting.
At its core is our development of the concept of ES-PLAN-ACT which supports the monitoring of estimated, planned and actual costs for every job. By using this approach, it is simple to identify discrepancies and link these back to the root cause, ie incorrect estimates or errors in production.


The system also produces Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEEE) reports as standard.


Our software reports on a myriad of productivity issues which are tailored to suit each organisation, for example:

  • Identify in real time individual operations taking too much time or using more expensive machines or grades of labour than planned

  • Highlight setups or whole jobs that should be finished via our dashboard

  • Labour productivity where, for the number of parts produced, we can monitor planned v actual times

  • Quality performance and quality costs of machine and operators can be monitored

  • Completed job analysis includes calculation of gross margin, contribution and Return per Machine Shop Hour (RPMSH)


In recognition of the increasing demand for paperless working environments, E-Max ERP includes a documentation management system. This can be used to organise, store, manage and track electronic data and scanned documents.

Benefits of the documentation management system include:

  • A single document can be attached to multiple transactions, enabling all relevant personnel access to it

  • Electronic documents received are automatically saved within E-Max ERP in locations of the user’s choice

  • Information from documents stored within the system is automatically accessed to pre-populate associated documents, such as works orders, delivery notes, etc, thus saving time and reducing errors

  • Documents and specific information can be found easily, at the click of a button

  • Safer and better backup of documents

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