Increasing focus on efficiency means that it is imperative that fabricators manage their materials in the best possible way and find the most effective production routes. E-Max ERP gives fabricators the ability to do both.

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Why use E-Max for Fabricating

  • Includes a library of standard structural elements for easy quoting

  • Calculates total weight and cost per tonne of the fabrication

  • Assign different labour rates to individuals for accurate job costing

  • Handles length, width and height

  • Nested works orders means the job can be split into as many levels as required

  • Save on time, material and job costing by using the use the same piece of raw material across different jobs and split costs correctly to each job

  • Our BOM is one of the most comprehensive BOMs on the market

  • Infinite level BOM to cope with every possible scenario

  • BOM also handles fixed and per cent scrap at each level

  • Routing – fully utilise your work centres and processes with our routing

  • Supports multiple routes for same item

  • Route time – cycles can be measured in milliseconds

  • Assign different skill levels to employees, ie, a level 2 welder, to ensure you have skill capacity available and avoid over-committing

  • SFDC removes need for manual clocking in and out and increases recording accuracy, including overtime, for final profitability analysis

  • Contains comprehensive quality system

  • Machine maintenance – manage your machine maintenance. Records & schedules service dates, service engineer details, repairs, costs, etc

  • Full history of revisions and drawing changes stored

  • Traceability – 3 levels of traceability, including serial numbers, batch and FIFO

  • Material & test certificates can be scanned in and printed with delivery notes

QA WeldTech Case Study

After a strategic business review, QA Weld Tech, a leading provider of integrated welding and engineering services to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries worldwide, were looking to improve their in-house information gathering and storage. Having identified that multiple Excel spreadsheets and Access databases across different departments were no longer sufficient to support the company’s growth, the management team sought a solution to enable them to bring all of QA Weld Tech’s data into one place. In an increasingly challenging economic environment, their objective was to use this information to make process improvements and create a more efficient company.

E-Max Systems were brought on board to provide a solution with their ERP software. Since implementing E-Max in 2012, QA Weld Tech have seen significant improvements in:

  • Decision making

  • Provision of fast and meaningful data

  • Time-savings

all of which have led to numerous process improvements and improved production planning.

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