Precision Engineering

Designed by engineers for engineers, E-Max ERP is a functionality-rich system that meets the needs of precision engineering companies, whether they are a modern machine shop or engineering sub contractor.

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Why use E-Max for Precision Engineering

  • Comprehensive quoting system can be used as desired, for one-off or recurrent jobs, with as much or as little detail as necessary
  • Provides full shop floor management

  • Calendars behind work centres & employees ensure capacity is optimised and the right resource used for each job

  • Enables better planning and maximises your production efficiency with minimal downtime

  • Know how much work you can take on, as E-Max ERP calculates your machine maintenance schedule and your employee capacity (including planned absences)

  • Monitors performance of jobs and employees

  • Capture production incidents for process improvements

  • Quality system is unparalleled

  • Record non-conformances by type, internal or external

  • Corrective actions can be created and added to job route & costing during production

  • Changes to jobs once in production are recorded, providing protection against poor performance claims

  • Calculate cost of quality, internal & external (faulty materials are tracked back to supplier)

  • Supplier performance records stored

  • Also handles repair jobs expertly with the system suggesting final price if required

  • Flexibility of E-Max ERP enables unplanned jobs to be put into production without a route or material planning. The job time, materials used and delivery are recorded, at which point the job is then invoiced and profitability calculated.

  • Traceability – 3 levels of traceability, including serial numbers, batch and FIFO

  • Material & test certificates can be scanned in and printed with delivery notes

Some of our engineering customers

Impress Group Case Study

After several years of frustration with their incumbent ERP software, Impress Group, a leading supplier of specialist pressings and other specialist manufacturing services, sought a solution to help them achieve their challenging growth ambitions. Lack of functionality, the costs required to upgrade their current software and a keen enthusiasm to improve the efficiency of their processes meant that a new ERP supplier was required.

E-Max Systems were appointed to provide a solution. Our functionality rich yet cost-effective ERP software provided Impress with the means to:

  • Reduce processing times without additional resource

  • Improve stock control and work allocation

  • Increase output to new markets, including aerospace, medical and rail

and has provided a robust business wide operating system which has enabled Impress to increase production efficiency, expand from 1 to 5 companies and increase turnover to £7m in the last financial year.

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