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With multiple machines and jobs running simultaneously, it becomes ever more difficult to know where and when you have capacity. You can ease this burden with E-Max ERP’s scheduling software and capacity modules, giving you even more information through simple and effective visuals.

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Optimise your production floor

 Considerable specialist knowledge from our team of engineers has gone into the development of our scheduler and planner, making them an effective way of getting the most from your resources. Supporting both infinite capacity planning and finite scheduling options, you have the flexibility to select the approach that works best for each job.


  • Gain full visibility of all scheduled activities

  • Minimise set up times by grouping operations

  • Schedule key personnel to ensure the most efficient use of resource

  • Provides instant notification of any delays in planned activities

  • Enables sales and production to visualise current commitments prior to accepting new orders

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  • Visual Gantt chart time horizons

  • Simple drag and drop user interface

  • Integrated rough cut capacity planning

  • Integrated dynamic finite scheduling

  • Uses multiple methodologies for calculating last start date

  • Includes multiple scheduling algorithms eg first in first out, critical ratio, etc

  • Auto selection of best route

  • Easy to identify bottlenecks

  • Simple to re-schedule operations

  • Choose to schedule machines or operators

  • Ability to visualise weekly loadings vs available capacity by resource / work centre / process

  • Tracks all active operations

  • Uses traffic light system to display constraints and resource outages that will affect production

  • Additional custom capacity can be added on machines and personnel to ensure production goals and delivery dates are met

  • Active operations can be reviewed by delivery date, client importance, financial value and available production capacity

  • Non-urgent operations can be moved into future weeks

  • Operations can be hidden by user specific filters so that user only see operations related to a specific customer or job

  • Start date of operations can be locked – ideal for hired machines or people

  • Priority list allows the job to be moved up and down in priority within the workcentre’s work-to list

  • Operations can be grouped together to reduce set up times

E-Max Capacity Planner
E-Max Finite Scheduler for manufacturing


  • Machine loading

  • Scheduled work-to lists

  • Late operations

  • Machine efficiency

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