Shop Floor Data Collection

SFDC is an additional module to the core E-Max ERP software. It is designed to complement and enhance the data gathered in production.

Shop Floor Data Collection enables a deep dive approach into time and attendance and is particularly useful for identifying and reducing downtime of employees and machines.

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Take control of your shop floor

Our SFDC provides our customers with a cutting edge but inexpensive means of collecting production and attendance times directly on the shop floor. Providing a simple yet effective way of capturing your employees’ data, E-Max ERP’s Shop Floor Data Collection module can give you real time, accurate data on both labour and production costs, as well as saving time, reducing errors and increasing productivity.


  • Inexpensive, flexible and comprehensive method of gathering meaningful data

  • Identify inefficiencies and weak points on shop floor

  • Automated or manual entry system options

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  • Uses bar code readers, finger print scanning and/or touch screens

  • Multiple job/operations can be logged onto simultaneously

  • Allocates costs accurately, even if individual operating more than one work centre

  • Enquiry facility for progress chasing

  • Time and attendance clocking, including auto clock in option

  • Non-productive time clocking

  • Log scrap quantity and reason

  • Updates job costing time records

  • Authorisation rules can be set up enabling key users to view those on site, identify lateness, measure employee performance, view product details, rectify errors, etc

  • Access shared documentation, images and special instructions

  • Manage gauges/tools

  • Machine specific option

SFDC Clock In


  • Employee time and attendance records

  • Links back to finite scheduler to recalculate estimated delivery dates of sales and works orders

  • Generates gross pay

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