As well as all the standard functionality you’d expect to find in a first class ERP system, E-Max ERP contains many other manufacturing specific features that makes it the perfect software for manufacturers.

E-Max software for manufacturers

Why use E-Max for Manufacturing

E-Max ERP gives you full visibility of all jobs throughout the manufacturing process. As E-Max is an end to end system, it takes each job from initial enquiry through to final invoice. Every area of your company can see what materials are required and when they are required by.  Materials are purchased in time to allow you to deliver on time but not so early that cashflow is tied up for long periods.

For companies trying to achieve or maintain ISO or other accreditations, E-Max’s software for manufacturers has built in processes for continuous improvement as well as a comprehensive quality system, giving your company the opportunity to enter new markets or meet new contractual agreements.

Get rid of multiple spreadsheets and put all your information in one place for better analysis. Use this improved knowledge to become more competitive and win more contracts, for example, by using historical data to see how low prices can be taken but still remain profitable.

  • Best ERP software for manufacturers

  • Designed specifically for manufacturers and engineers

  • Our Bill of Materials is one of the most comprehensive BOMs on the market

  • BOM is infinite level to cope with every possible scenario

  • BOM also handles fixed and per cent scrap at each level

  • Routing – fully utilise your work centres and processes with our routing options

  • Supports multiple routes for same item

  • Route time – cycles can be measured in milli-seconds

  • SFDC allows in-process checks to occur – with our SFDC module, first off items can be inspected

  • Manage your orders & schedule deliveries, both firm and non-firm – especially useful when fulfilling staged orders

  • Machine maintenance – manage your machine maintenance. Records & schedules service dates, service engineer details, repairs, costs, etc

  • Identify & record scheduled & unplanned downtime

  • Calculate whether a machine is costing too much in terms of breakdowns and repairs

  • Calendars behind work centres & employees ensure capacity is optimised

  • Traceability – 3 levels of traceability, including serial numbers, batch and FIFO

Some of our manufacturing customers

Polycast Case Study

Polycast Limited, market leaders in specialist investment casting and cast products, had been enjoying constant growth for a number of years. The leadership team recognised the need for a solution to manage their growth in order for the company to enjoy continued and greater success. Facing issues not uncommon in the manufacturing sector, the team identified some key challenges, including lack of live data, multiple in-house systems and little visibility across key departments.

The identification of these issues, coupled with the desire to find software that could evolve and grow with the company, meant Polycast sought out E-Max Systems. After implementing E-Max’s ERP software, Polycast now have a single software system across all departments which enables all employees to have access to the same information. This has improved the speed and accuracy of decision making as well as:

  • Increasing on time delivery by 11%

  • Improving stock control to an accuracy level of >99%

  • Increasing operator efficiency by 12% through E-Max SFDC

  • Enhancing purchasing techniques to improve their supply chain

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