Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

Any company with a requirement for stock control will benefit from a warehouse management system. E-Max ERP’s WMS module enables the streamlining of multiple processes, from inventory management through to delivery.

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Control the movement of materials within your warehouse

 Are you handling your inventory too often? Save time and  money by implementing E-Max ERP’s warehouse management system. Our WMS gives you a 360° view of all transactions going through your company allowing you to optimise your warehouse resources and eliminate shortages. With it, you can reduce the number of man hours required to run your warehouse or, better still, increase the throughput of orders to improve your bottom line.

 E-Max WMS enables you to cut down those time consuming but necessary tasks like paperwork. Because everything is automated, there’s no need for duplicate entries into your system, and you can easily collate useful information on your stock, including use-by dates and lot or batch numbers, to ensure you are optimising the material you have in stock. You’ll also be able to maximise your space around the warehouse, with our software identifying best locations for key items for faster order picking and pick-face replenishment.


  • Barcode scanning for picking accuracy and speed

  • Gain full visibility of everything coming in and out of warehouse

  • Reduce overstocking by knowing what, where and when

  • Maximise your purchasing power

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  • Multi-warehouse and unlimited multi-level location, including addresses, aisles and bins, etc

  • Manage and process transactions from and to any location

  • Automates production, purchasing or provision based on different item types, including manufactured, purchased and service

  • Multiple unit of measure (each, kg, metre, box, pallet, etc.)

  • Ability to assign weight, volume and other attributes to an item

  • Store quantity break prices and lead times to maximise your purchasing power and minimise your costs

  • Barcoding system can include customer barcodes

  • Manage and assign suppliers to items – supports approved and/or preferred suppliers

  • Purchase automation based on company specific stock levels, re-order levels, minimum and maximum order levels, etc

  • Instant visibility of picking and delivery instructions to the warehousing team

  • Schedule and deliver items, whilst generating appropriate paperwork as required

  • Assign appropriate files, images, documents, etc. to any stock item

  • Full transactional history of all stock movement

  • Complete traceability, including serial number, batch, FIFO, LIFO, location, and use by date

  • Mobile warehousing module enables picking, dispatch and delivery via handheld devices. Available as barcode scanner or RFID.

  • 3rd party courier integration allowing for automation of pick up and deliveries

  • Smart Storage module available for carousels and vertical lifts

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  • Generate forecasts over customisable periods for purchasing and stock-keeping decisions.

  • Analyse picking performance – accuracy and speed

  • Highlight picking shortages

  • Stock turn analysis identifies slow moving stock

  • Optimise picking locations through identification of key items

  • Cash/bank fund position

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