Our aim is to provide our customers with simple yet powerful software solutions so they can maximise efficiency in their everyday operations.

We use our knowledge, experience and understanding of industry processes and requirements to support our customers’ growth, ensuring our affordable scalable tailored solutions continue to meet their specific needs.

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Do you have lots of company data but no real knowledge?

 Having all your company’s data in one place and obtaining meaningful information from it is what we all aspire to when running a business. With today’s technology, it should be easy yet so many businesses struggle to control their data. With countless spreadsheets, systems and manual workarounds employed across multiple departments, we seem to be making life harder for ourselves than we need to.


Nowadays companies collect huge volumes of information but do we always see the results from this? Have there been improvements in efficiency? Are there still inaccuracies and uncertainties in manufacturing times, delivery schedules and costs? There must be an easier way.

E-Max ERP gives your business the answers it needs to grow

 Fortunately, there is an easier way. E-Max ERP has been designed to remove the pain and provide you with one simple system to collect, store and process all the data you need to make informed decisions in both day to day and longer term business operations. Take back control of your company functions, not least your orders, purchasing and most importantly, invoicing! E-Max ERP is very flexible, allowing you to use as much or as little as you like. You can implement it across every department or, like some of our manufacturing customers, choose to simply use the MRP functionality that sits at the core of the software.

Why E-Max is right for your business

There are many reasons why E-Max ERP is the right fit for your business but here’s our top five reasons as to how we will make a difference. 

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The E-Max Approach

Our business is built on four key guiding principles

Provide business software solutions

Since the launch of E-Max Systems in 1998, our aim has been to provide our customers with software to maximise their company’s efficiency.


We will continue to provide every one of our users with software that enables them to deliver on time at the lowest possible cost every time.

Engineer with capability

Our team consists of experienced engineers and managers. We utilise our experience and customer feedback to produce cutting edge software for manufacturing, engineering and distribution companies.


As part of our commitment to our customers, we are continuously adding new functionality and capability to the solutions we provide.

Develop with flexibility

Flexibility lies at the very core of our company and products.


We know no two customers are the same and we are committed to continuing to develop powerful, flexible and affordable products that can be tailored to meet each of our customers’ specific needs.

Deliver with customer focus

We understand the fundamentals of a client’s business and look beyond the initial requirements to provide the very best long-term solution.


We strive to put our customers first, seeking their feedback and working in partnership with them to deliver software that gives them a competitive edge in their market.

E-Max Benefits

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