You’re almost there! This final stage of implementation will have its challenges but these can be minimised if both you and the vendor allocate the appropriate time and resource to the project.

Delays in the implementation are more often than not the result of your team missing target completion dates for critical tasks. Don’t give just one person a heavy workload!

Most vendors will appoint their own project manager and I highly recommend the business implementing the ERP system do the same. Trying to implement a system on top of your day to day duties can become overwhelming and lead to delays and cost overruns. The best scenario is to appoint your own dedicated internal project manager but if this is not possible, bringing in an experienced external consultant to manage the process and keep the vendor, your business and the plan on track is also a good option and he/she will have the experience to manage your team and, just as important, manage the vendor!


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If you would like more information on Barry’s process for specifying and selecting an ERP system, please contact Barry. If you are interested in finding an ERP system for your business, you can find more information on what E-Max ERP offers by speaking to one of our team, contacting us or on our website here. Of course, if you’re ready for a demonstration of E-Max ERP in action, then you can arrange a demo at a time convenient to you.