Like most organisations, at E-Max we are constantly striving to streamline our processes and increase our efficiency so we can deliver a greater all-round experience for our customers and internal team. Over the last few months we’ve been busy reviewing and assessing our team and processes, and have made a number of exciting changes in the way we will be developing, delivering and supporting all of our current and future users as we go forward.

One of the outcomes of our review process has been the creation of new management roles and we are delighted to announce the promotion of three of our outstanding team members.

Brian Elliott has moved into the role of Product Development Manager and will lead the team responsible for developing our software products, including our cloud-based E-Max ERP, E-Max Scheduler, E-Max Shop Floor Data Collection, E-Max Wireless Warehouse, whilst continuing to offer custom extension programs and integrations to our user base.

Mike Colman takes on the role of Product Delivery Manager, responsible for the seamless integration of E-Max ERP into new and existing sites. Mike will be leading our team of Product Specialists, who will provide each of our customers with a dedicated resource throughout their journey to a successful ERP implementation.

Drew McNamara becomes E-Max’s Product Support Manager, leading our newly tiered support team as they assist our customers with queries, resolve issues and provide guidance on using our range of software products. Drew has recently introduced a new Live Chat support feature to E-Max’s Customer Portal, with encouraging feedback from our users, and we encourage all of our customers to utilise this for more direct communication and faster ticket resolution.

With over 16 combined years of E-Max experience behind them, Mike, Drew and Brian have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of both ERP software and the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Having all successfully completed a management development program during 2023, our new managers bring a raft of ideas and enthusiasm to their roles and will be working closely together to provide our existing and new customers with a more integrated – and efficient – experience to enable our users to get the maximum benefit from their E-Max software.

Together with directors Charles Kerr, Fraser Walker and Carolyn Kerr, the newly appointed managers will form a leadership team to guide E-Max Systems as the company transitions to a SaaS based business model with their cloud-based E-Max ERP software.

Please join us in congratulating Brian, Drew and Mike and watch out for further updates on our review project – we’re excited by the changes that we are rolling out and strongly believe our users will be too.