Whether you assemble-to-order or assemble-to-stock, you want to get your orders out to customers on time and as efficiently as possible. E-Max ERP enables you to do exactly that.

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Why use E-Max for Assembly

  • Capable of handling multiple sub-assemblies at any one time

  • Our Bill of Materials is one of the most comprehensive BOMs on the market

  • BOM structure means you can stop at sub-assembly level and re-stock

  • No need to manufacture from scratch every time

  • Handles phantom parts – no need for works order

  • Inventory parts can be reserved as soon as an order is received to avoid delays in order fulfilment

  • Requirements for purchased parts are automatically evaluated and purchase orders raised

  • Routing – fully utilise your work centres and processes with our routing

  • Supports multiple routes for same item

  • Route time – cycles can be measured in milli-seconds

  • Improve inventory control – buy materials required during the job and hold less stock

  • Offset time in long assemblies – avoid overloading the shop floor by staggering sub-assemblies

  • Machine maintenance – manage your machine maintenance. Records & schedules service dates, service engineer details, repairs, costs, etc

  • Identify & record scheduled & unplanned downtime

  • Calculate whether a machine is costing too much in terms of breakdowns and repairs

  • Calendars behind work centres & employees ensure capacity is optimised

  • Traceability – 3 levels of traceability, including serial numbers, batch and FIFO

Some of our customers who assemble 

Assembly case study coming soon

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