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Customers’ ever-increasing need for quality products means that it is vital your company has a robust quality control system in place. E-Max ERP contains a comprehensive suite of quality management software to ensure that your business can maintain high quality products and minimise wastage.

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Develop a continuous improvement culture 

 With E-Max ERP’s sophisticated quality control system, all processes can be tracked and any areas needing improvement identified. Our software also supports companies who are working towards or maintaining quality assurance accreditation.

Easily track and manage all materials through your company 

 Material traceability is simple when using our quality control system. E-Max tracks materials from supplier through to the end customer and automatically records and archives all of this data, including materials in and finished items. Appropriate documentation is produced, including non-conformance, C of C (certificate of conformance) and test certificates.


  • Produce consistent high quality products

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Gather real time data and reporting for ongoing process improvements

  • Enables performance improvements, leading to increased profits, increased sales and fewer recalls

  • Use it to gain accreditations required to enter new markets

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  • Non-conformance system

  • Produces certificates of conformity

  • Flexibility of system enables users to record every non-conformance or error

  • Define own categories of non-conformance or production incidents, ie supplier, manufacturer, business, delivery, machining, tools, people, operators, etc

  • Analyse root causes

  • Add custom fields to suit your business

  • Calibration system

  • Creates and administers prepopulated quality documents

  • Generate tasks for preventative measures to ensure continuous improvement

  • Full traceability

  • Records and stores all inspection reports

  • Allocate material and test certificates to each batch

  • Supports customer returns and facilitates resolution process

  • Assist company to calculate cost of quality

Non Conformance
Our quality control system offers full traceability. Record non-conformances & production incidents. Achieve or maintain quality assurance accreditation.


  • Non-conformance reports

  • Supplier performance
  • Scrap analysis

  • Cost of quality

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